Bread service

Fresh daily backed goods

During our main season (01.06.2022 - 31.10.2022), we offer a daily bread service with fresh baked goods that can be ordered the evening before until 6 pm at the reception.
Your bread will be placed on your apartment door the following day by 8:30 am.

You can also buy sausage, cheese, jam, honey, Nutella, milk, coffee capsules and orange juice at the reception. When choosing our products we focus on only buying regional and high quality items to ensure the best possible quality and enjoyment for you.

All apartments have a table and chairs as well as a fully equipped kitchenette. You can get a toaster on request at the reception.

You are also welcome to enjoy one of the coffee specialties at our fully automatic coffee machine in the bar area with local coffee from DINZLER roastery.

Should you wish to eat more extensively, you are welcome to contact our reception. Here you will be given detailed information about surrounding cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

Bon appetit and have a great stay at Hotel Hohenaschau


Good morning

Freshly backed bread, sausage and cheese

can easily be order at the reception

Breakfast with a view